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If you've ever wondered what you could do to improve your neighborhood, or thought, "why does the City do things like that?" Now's the time to find out.

The annual meeting of the Highland District Council is coming up (via Zoom, of course) on April 22nd and six grids are looking for representatives and two at-large seats need to be filled. You can throw your hat in the ring by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to the Highland District Council website

  2. Click on the "Events" tab, which will become an "Elections" tab

  3. Scroll down and learn about what's involved

  4. Complete a form and submit it if you are interested AND are from one of the odd grids, or want to run for an at-large seat

  5. For specific NLSP info concerning the HDC, just submit your questions on the Contact page at this site.

Hot Lots 4 Sale!

You don't have to wait any longer. Lots are up for sale along MRB (not including houses). If you can afford Minnetonka, you're in! Info HERE>

Read the Strib article here.



Judge Guthmann has reviewed materials from the hearing and reached a decision. He decided that NLSP has no standing in this case because the plaintiffs had sustained no harm. That the City behaved appropriately in this case, some questions are left unanswered.


This decision and all other materials from our writ are here including all documents relating to the hearing.



In the City's own words, Neighbors are confused (p13):              

"Petitioners dispute is based on a
simple confusion between two different concepts of Amenity Space (i.e., “Open Space Coverage”) and Parks and Open Space in the Ford Site Master Plan."

"(the) Zoning Administrator interpreted this definition of Amenity Space (sic) to mean, 'All private property areas that meet the [Amenity Space] definition – ground level or above grade – apply 100% towards meeting the [25% Amenity Space] requirement. (Id.)'."

"armed with this interpretation, the Zoning Administrator then made its June 16, 2020, decision on Ryan’s variance application: Therefore, for [The Property] the 25% [Amenity Space] requirement is met based on perimeter  landscape/hardscape (including the
dog run area in SW corner) as well as the above grade amenity deck and green roof area. (Id.)

In other words, under the Zoning Administrator’s interpretation
of the Amenity Space in the Master Plan, all private patios, walkways, play areas, etc. can be added up. And when we add up all these areas in The Property, we reach that magic 25%
minimum. No variance needed."

If you go to the Master Plan (click here, and search for 'Amenity Space,' well, try it. We are understandably confused. It's obviously 'magic.'

Trees forced to give way to tunnel under MDR

As if 122 acres of new concrete wasn't damaging enough to the green-ness of Highland Park, Ryan and the City plan to raze stands of very old, very stately trees. It's NOT easy staying green in Highland Bridge.

Get the whole story here:

We are regaled daily with articles about the need for higher density buildings (usually linked to multi-family, higher-rise buildings).

These clarion calls for change are typically linked to racism, i.e. if you oppose high-density you oppose affordable housing. If you oppose affordable housing you are racist.

Is this the connection which our city should be making? Is it really a good way to go or is it actually an unintentional form of discrimination?

Click here and see what science says.

NLSP remains committed to promoting responsible community development that enhances the existing neighborhood and the City overall. we need your financial support to ensure that we have the resources to help fund this effort, the pending petition, and future legal action. Please consider making a contribution to support NLSP's Legal Action Fund by clicking HERE.