Important Parts of the City’s Current Plan:

7,200 more residents: Actual increase in residents projected based on draft plans. This represents a 30% increase to all of Highland in one small area and would make the Ford site density similar to New York City.


3,800 units: Up to 4,000 housing units are being proposed.


8 story buildings: Multiple buildings up to 110’ in height.


9% green space: Only 9% dedicated real green space.


3X the traffic: Triple the volume of traffic is predicted on some nearby streets. Their own study predicts significant traffic impacts to Cretin, Mount Curve, Ford Parkway, Cleveland, Montreal and Mississippi River Blvd.

Concerns about the City's Plan:

We believe the city's current plan of 122-135 acres of densely-packed residential and commercial buildings, locked by a river on two sides and located far from freeway access, will lead to significant negative effects for all of Highland and the surrounding neighborhoods, including:

  • Excessive population density increase

  • Dramatic increase in traffic

  • Limited community greenspace

  • Decrease in property values

Current City Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan


Four Districts of Multi-family Residential 



Several 8-story multi-family residential buildings with retail, office and other services

Several 6-story multi-family residential with limited retail

Several 5-story townhome or multi-family residential buildings

4-story mansion-style units or carriage houses along Mississippi River Boulevard

Two Districts of Commercial include:

Several 6-story Business mixed retail, office, services

Several 6-story Commercial/Office near northwest side (Gateway)