Highland Residents Elect a Number of Supporters of NLSP at The Highland District Council Annual Meeting - More Ways to Join on May 2, 2019


We are pleased that a number of candidates endorsed by Neighbors for a Livable Saint Paul won their seats. If you are interested in involvement on the district Council, there is still time. Some options:

  1. Find a friend/ally in Grid 11 to run (map link), have them attend the May 2nd meeting with a couple of friends. The grid will be filled in the early part of the meeting (7 pm; at Highland Community Center/Library). If nobody from grid 11 runs for the seat, the opening can be filled with someone from another grid. See below.

  2. Bring other friends who are HP neighbors to the meeting to run for 2 at-large alternate positions.


See below for how both can be done according to the HDC bylaws:

If a vacancy has not been filled by the first regular meeting of the Board of Directors after the vacancy has occurred, the vacancy may be filled by nomination and appointment by the Board of Directors at that meeting. If the vacancy is a Grid Representative, it is preferred that the appointment be from the grid of the vacant Director’s seat. However, if an eligible candidate from the grid is not forthcoming, the Board of Directors may appoint a Member from anywhere within the Highland Area.”

The Board of Directors, at its first regular meeting following the annual meeting, shall elect two at-large alternates (“At-Large Alternates”). In order to be eligible for election as an At-Large Alternate a person must be a Community Member who would qualify to serve as an At-Large Director.”