FAQs about Ford Site

Q: Will the Ford Site Development generate new property tax revenue, thereby saving taxpayers in Highland money?

A. Probably not for 25 years.  In 2016, the city council agreed to allow financing of this new development using Tax Increment Financing (TIF).  This will take an estimated $366 million out of local tax revenues on the Ford site for 25 years rather than helping our local community. TIF benefits the developer.

Q: Why not more green space?

A: The city says they can only legally require 9% of property to be designated specifically as parkland during rezoning.  


Their plan’s green space allocation is wholly inadequate, providing insufficient recreational outlets for the impacted neighborhoods and for the redeveloped Ford site itself.  The plan actually reduces green space in that it does not re-establish the little league fields or replace them with much needed park/green/open recreation space.


Q: What about traffic?

A: With up to 10,000 more residents, employees and visitors on the property, there will be thousands of more vehicles on neighborhood streets.  There will be tens of thousands of more daily car trips on neighborhood streets.