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“Building Scale - Buildings shall be scaled to utilize the developable opportunities of the lot, within the minimum and maximum Floor Area Ratio standards for the district. It is expected that as the proportion of lot space used for landscaping, parking, services, or amenities goes up, the height of the building will increase to create an overall sense of massing consistent with the urban, neighborhood context.” (Master Plan, pg. 67)

First Projects

Construction has begun at the site. The first requests for variances from the original agreement are in, and not surprisingly they urge the City to give them permission to go HIGHER, and put in more buidling while removing open space. 


Click on the pdf below to view plans for the building to be constructed at address.

Ford Master Plan media coverage

Star Tribune (4/10/19)

Meeting video click here.


  • The City's Planning Commission public hearing (January 25, 2019).

Here is the PowerPoint presentation of Ford issues to date.

  • Higland District Council Neighbor Survey: People of Highland Park describe what they want their village to be in the future. click here