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Thank you for copying me on your email.  I am not sure I am addressing all of your concerns, but will fill you in on a conversation that has been taking place.  


Below is an update on the Open Space conversation.  The email is from last Tuesday’s City Site plan review committee meeting and the attachment is the Open Space that was counted for the building at 2170 Ford Parkway.  Please note the highlighted portion of the email.  (I believe I had forwarded this email to the Committee last Tuesday, before the Development Committee meeting)


Ryan Project Team,

Thank you for participating in the Site Plan Review Committee meeting this morning to discuss the Mixed-Use Development on Block 3, Lot 1 of the Ford Site.  We wanted to circle back on the 25% Open Space requirement ahead of your community meeting with the Highland District Council (Kathy Carruth, HDC Executive Director, is cc’d on this email for expediency).


Following the SPR Committee meeting, DSI and PED staff discussed the Open Space Lot Coverage requirement with the Zoning and Planning Administrators.  Per the Ford Public Realm Master Plan, Open Space is defined as: areas covered by landscape materials, gardens, walkways, patios, recreation facilities, or play areas (MP pg 47).  Based on the definition as currently written within the Master Plan:

•          All private property areas that meet the open space definition – ground level or above grade – apply 100% towards meeting the Open Space requirement.

•          Therefore, for the Block 3, Lot 1 mixed use project the 25% Open Space requirement is met based on perimeter landscape/hardscape (including the dog run area in SW corner) as well as the above grade amenity deck and green roof area (see attached image provided by Joseph Peris on 6/12 identifying Open Space areas).


Next Steps:

•          Matt Graybar, BZA staff, will issue an amended ENS notice removing the Open Space Lot Coverage variance from the list of requested variances for Block 3, Lot 1. 

•          Please work with Matt to update the Narrative and other materials submitted with the original BZA application to reflect the amended variance request.


Note that the Planning Administrator will likely pursue a Master Plan text amendment to clarify the Open Space definition for projects going forward, which may be more restrictive.





After meeting with Michelle on Wednesday, and having a discussion about the Open Space requirement, I sent a response to the City, please see below.  Any conversation regarding an amendment to the Master Plan will be brought to the Highland District Council.




Thank you for getting this taken care of before last night’s HDC Development meeting, it was very helpful. 


After further discussion with neighbors and board members, the HDC would like to strongly encourage the Planning Administrator to pursue a Master Plan text amendment to clarify the Open Space definition for projects as we go forward.  If there is anything we need to do to help ensure that conversation takes place, please let me know.


Thanks again,




Kathy Carruth

Executive Director

Highland District Council