Our Goal

Our goal is to assure that the Ford Development complements and adds to

the livability and safety of Highland Park and St. Paul. 

We SUPPORT Wise Development

Neighbors for a Livable St. Paul is a registered political committee which represents those in our neighborhood who are in favor of incremental, market-based development. Such development will be in keeping with local needs and will benefit the neighborhood, residents, workers, and visitors, as well as the broader Twin Cities metro, now and in the distant future.

We welcome more transit options, a range of housing options and costs, an expanded tax base, better traffic management and prioritizing a strong investment in recreational and green space options for the community.

Neighbors and visitors value the active, neighbor friendly atmosphere and community feel of our community. We stand between two cities but what is developed must be a harmonious extension of our current neighborhood.

(some goals are paraphrased from Strong Towns blog, click here)

We PROMOTE rational, incremental growth that happens naturally, not large, transformational projects


The City's master plan proposes a radical increase in population density that will further burden infrastructure and public services.  There will be more people on limited acres of land than there are in communities with thousands of acres.  

We PROMOTE traffic that allows drivers, pedestrians of all ages, bicyclists and others to traverse the neighborhood safely.


With up to 10,000 more residents, employees and visitors on the property, there will be thousands of more vehicles on neighborhood streets.  There will be tens of thousands of more daily car trips on neighborhood streets. The area is already struggling with traffic congestion, and this plan will greatly increase vehicle traffic and congestion both locally and well beyond the Ford site.

We SUPPORT More Greenspace

Community greenspace – in the form of parks and open space for recreation – is a crucial component of any development plan for a healthy, productive urban area, and it is particularly needed in this part of the city. There must be room for people in the neighborhood to play organized and informal sports safely. .

We SUPPORT development which is truly market driven, which will house, office and serve reasonable clientele without lowering  property values

If a city which is already so cash-strapped that it must raise property tax rates into double digit ranges and still cannot care for its streets and schools, available funds should be used for those purposes, not for the glory of developers and city planners.

Zoning for the Missing Middle:

Video: Form-based Codes

Are there better ways of zoning than that practiced by our St. Paul Planning and Economic Development Dept. (PED)? Are there better ways to achieve density? Click on the headline and scroll down till you find the video.