More Green Space Wanted

As if the negative insults of high density housing and traffic snarls were not enough, the Planning Dept. has left precious little green space to help people retain sanity. In addition they have eliminated the majority of Little League fields in Highland Park without locating replacement space.

The quote from the Journal of Epidemiology below states the problem succinctly. The study from the Netherlands demonstrated that:

The percentage of green space inside a one kilometre and a three kilometre radius had a significant relation to perceived general health. The relation was generally present at all degrees of urbanity. The overall relation is somewhat stronger for lower socioeconomic groups. Elderly, youth, and secondary educated people in large cities seem to benefit more from presence of green areas in their living environment than other groups in large cities.J Epidemiol Community Health. 2006 Jul; 60(7): 587–592

Here are some other interesting studies: