FOR RELEASE Sept 17, 2017


The proposal we have given to the Council and the Mayor is as follows:

  • Density controlled by limiting the number of new housing units to 1,500. This would result in the addition of approximately 3,000 new residents to the community.

  • Building heights limited to two to four stories, so as to be compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Traffic kept under control by limiting traffic increases (as measured by average daily trips) on all neighborhood streets to a maximum of 20 percent over what is currently experienced.

  • Requirement that a minimum of 30 percent of the site’s 135 acres be greenspace, including 12-15 acres of publicly-available open recreational fields

  • Ford must “Leave No Trace” behind.  It should be required to repair its environmental damage, bringing all areas of the site to residential standards, and remediate its waste dump on the banks of the Mississippi River — before the property is sold.  For more about site contamination click here.