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Missing Middle: Toward a Saner development model:

Are our only choices a bungalow or a soul-crushing high rise with cupcake turrets?


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Is Density Enough?

(from The Alliance report)

"In neighborhood debates about new housing development, the simplified battle of the yard signs and bumper stickers boils down to NIMBYs and YIMBYs — Not In My Backyard and Yes In My Backyard. At that surface level, the dividing line is often density, with NIMBYs opposing increased traffic and building heights while YIMBYs preach the benefits of more concentrated housing supply. But that conversation often overlooks the deeper issues related to the role of the private market and the public good."

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Seattle is Dying? has density produced reasonable rents or affordable housing? Click here

New York City?
Becoming a Ghost town?

City to People of St. Paul: Don't waste your breath

St. Paul STRONG article from the Villager

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The Missing Middle- Is this what we really want for the Ford site? Check it out here.

Let's think about Parking  like a Planner

Click on the pdf to the left. Watch a presentation which explains to the lay person why parking spaces should be reduced in our city. Marvel at the brilliance of Planner Paul.  Enjoy!

St. Paul on August 18th, became one of the first cities in the country to completely eliminate minimum off-street parking requirements as a zoning restriction. 

St. Paul Pioneer Press, 8/19/2021