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Where's the Open Space?

Where and what is "open space?"

Construction has begun at the site. The first buildings proposed are a mixed use, 6 story building (picture), 2170 Ford Pkwy, and an affordable apartment building for seniors, 830 Cretin. Not surprisingly Ryan is urging the City to give them permission to go HIGHER, and put in more building while removing open space

The variances for 2170 Ford Pkwy. and 830 Cretin are attached via links. Note that 830 Cretin, the smaller of the two asks for a variance of the Open Space requirement of 16% (25% required, 9% actually provided) while 2170, the larger building, which takes up more of its lot (70%) requests no reduction in its requirement for free space.


Look at the plans for both buildings (scroll down from the variances). Can you find open space equaling 25% of the building's footprint (the City's zoning requirement)? Does it matter? Press here for detailed discussion.           

St Paul Municipal zoning code, ford site